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  • Nov 2018 recording The Failures, the swiss veterans of indie rock @ Mazzive Sound, Bellmund

  • Dec 2018-Feb 2019 overdubs for The Failures @ M.A.R.S.

  • Mar 2019 Recording Sonos4 a Jazzrock-Fusion Quartett from Basel

  • April-May 2019 Mixing and Mastering The Failures and Sonos4

  • June-July 2018  pikes pre-produce their new album @ M.A.R.S.

  • Aug-Sep 2019 Wilde get their new album mixed and mastered @ M.A.R.S. by Stefan Reinhardt

  • Nov 2019 Sandro P. for their first recording session in the house. The plan is to record a tripple EP, kind of a triptychon. Three different styles of erotic music...

  • Dec 2019 recording session for pikes. The members of this band are all pioneers of the local indie-rock scene.

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